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Wantok (sounds like: “one-talk”)

"Wantok" is a Melanesian word from the Tok Pisin (Pidgin) language out of Papua New Guinea. According to good ‘ole Wikipedia, in English, this word means: “a speaker of the same language.” In Tok Pisin, wantok means: “a close friend, to whom one gives complete loyalty,” or “any person with a shared set of … culture values, usually based on speaking a closely-related language.” 

When we think about businesses and individuals communicating (be it through words or images) with their clients or audiences, sometimes there can be a disconnect. As a business, you want to convey messages in the way you know how. But many times, clients may speak a slightly different dialect. The same goes for individuals. You may be trying to catch the eye of a job recruiter, but unless you know what they’re looking for or how they want to see information, you might be missing the boat. 

Through our solutions at Wantok Creative, we want to help you bridge the gap between any potential unclarity or misunderstandings and ultimately help you produce clear, succinct and relevant communications to your clients or audience.

Discover how our design solutions and copywriting solutions can help you become a “wantok” to your clients or audience!

Fun fact: Nathan spent a few years during high school living with his family in Papua New Guinea. It was during this time that he learned the Pidgin language (specifically Tok Pisin). This is one of the official languages recognized by Papua New Guinea’s government; however, in total, there are 852 known languages spoken throughout the country! 

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